Relaunch, 2021 - Integrated omni touchpoints including: Email, Site, Mobile App, Digital Paid Media, In-Store Signage, and Featured Digital Experience

This was the launch of an integrated loyalty points program designed to develop a stronger bond with consumers and cultivate longer lifetime value with them. This points based program incentivizes spending, where the benefits can be earned and used throughout the portfolio of Gap Inc. brands.


The Problem

The problem was that the brand had a credit card but otherwise no transparent loyalty program. The program needed to both be designed and connected to the credit card. The goal was to rebrand and relaunch the loyalty program and also unify credit card users with said program.

The Solution

Develop strong cut-through visuals, leverage aesthetic ties that harken back to the heritage of the Banana Republic brand, and focus on a fun and engaging educational platform. Introduce the visual identity of the BR Rewards brand system, create a unique digital experience, and then amplify using all channels. The end result: we succeeded at creating a new and effective way to entice and retain the customer.



Here is how it came to life.


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