Love the Present

Holiday Campaign, 2020

Integrated omni touchpoints including: TV, Email, Site, Mobile App, Digital Paid Media, In-Store Signage, and Featured Digital Experience

Campaign development began during the peak of Covid-19 (CV19), with an understanding that this holiday season would be like no other. The primary question was “what does it mean to be grateful?” in our collective new normal. The messaging would need to be sensitive to the current climate and showcase product changes towards more comfortable, easy attire. We wanted to convey gratitude for treasured everyday moments plus highlight gifts for the holiday season. Love the Present.


A critical part of the marketing and messaging hinged on the casting of the campaign. The campaign focused on real couples in order to be “inclusive by design,” a Banana Republic internal motto and value. And by featuring actual families, our models could touch, hug, and express intimate moments otherwise not allowed in CV19 compliant photoshoots.

The Challenge

The retail environment is incredibly crowded in the holiday season and there was an expectation that Holiday 20 would be particularly competitive. We needed a way to cut through the clutter of the retail environment, in a brand authentic way, and speak to the customer living in the new CV19 world. We also needed to steer away from suits and dresses towards cozy attire, which would be both holiday and CV19 relevant.

The Solution

Create a campaign that would resonate in a CV19 world. Take visual cues from the brand’s cozy attire, infuse warm visual tones, and leverage the color red to clearly evoke a holiday spirit. Amplify a multi-disciplinary marketing campaign showcasing comfortable attire to those celebrating this unique holiday at home.



Here is how it came to life.


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