Stage 6

Wellness Co-Living Commited to Transformation

My role was the UX/UI Designer

Last year I discovered Stage 6, a co-living space based in Singapore with a unique business model. These co-living residences focus on transformation, wellness, and personal development through rarefied and life-changing experiences. It was immediately compelling to me. 


The Problem

We needed better to cross sell the co-living program directly from the data pool from the events. We needed a events platform that could sell tickets on their website and cross-sell the co-living space to the same audience. 

In this instance it was not apparent why the Stage 6 proposition was not compelling to everyone. Part of the challenge was sussing out the “why.” I initiated research on Stage 6’s highest impact features, distilled my findings on where the brand was losing the customer, and proposed a solution. Ultimately it was an awareness, education, and engagement challenge. Stage 6 needed to educate and acquire consumers while promoting its events. When selling event tickets on their site, Stage 6 could cross-sell the co-living space to the same audience. Customers indicated they wanted to learn more about the co-living offering while they were at Stage 6’s events. A captive and engaged audience - Ah-ha!

My Research

I wanted to narrow and focus the critical features with what were feasible with highest impact.

Groupings that highlighted a big interest were clearly the connectivity of the events to co-living. 


The Findings

My findings were that stage 6 was a highly unique program and there was a need for better education to the customer. People wanted to learn more about the co-living while they we're at the events. Ah ha!

The Solution

Create a mobile first online booking system for both co-living and events, which allows users to explore their interest in co-living. We created better synergy between the events and the co-living in one platform and cross sell.

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